nutritional advice for vegans and vegetarians

The vegan diet is very popular and many people have decided to become vegan for ethical, health, or environmental reasons.

When the vegan diet is undertaken correctly it can result in many health benefits, including weight loss, lower blood sugar, and reduced risk of heart disease.

However, in some cases, a diet that is exclusively based on plant food can increase the risk of nutrient deficiencies. When you first begin your vegan lifestyle it can be difficult to know how to get the nutrients that your body needs and what to substitute in order to meet your body’s requirements.

As a nutritionist, I know how contradictory and confusing advice on the internet can be and how many of the ready-made plant-based meals can be an unhealthy option.

I am offering a 50% discount off of my usual nutritional consultation prices for new vegans, this includes a 7-day healthy eating plan and store cupboard basic guide to help you start your vegan journey.

How to book the consultation

Download and complete the Questionnaire and three-day food diary below, and email it to me at least 3 working days before your consultation

 Make the payment using the PayPal link. Once the payment has been received I will email you to arrange a convenient day/time for the consultation.

At the consultation, we will go through your questionnaire and address any questions that you have. I will then devise you a personalized 7-day healthy eating plan

The consultation costs £32.50 (including the 7-day healthy eating plan)


As the author of ‘Easy Vegan‘ (available from Amazon) and the podcast ‘Easy Vegan Recipes‘, I’ve put together some easy-to-cook, healthy, nutritious vegan recipes to help with the transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle.

Why not try my 12-week vegan diet plan, it is a diet plan that has been devised to support people who would like help and advice as they transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle or want to improve their vegan health. It is also suitable for partners and families who would like to understand more about the vegan diet.