Sharon at Salisbury Nutrition

Hi, I’m Sharon, I am a qualified nutritionist and weight-loss consultant who can work with you to provide individual diet plans healthy eating plans, and lifestyle changes. I have undertaken a Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy Course by Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), ‘Understanding Obesity’ by The University of Edinburgh. Author of Coping With The Menopause – How Nutrition Can Help; Easy Vegan and 21-Day Healthy Eating Plan

I provide 1-1 Nutritional Counselling, supporting you in finding your own version of “healthy”. I also provide nutritional advice for Vegans and Vegetarians.

If you’re considering a vegan diet but aren’t sure how to start or are worried about nutritional issues, take a look at my book ‘Easy Vegan‘ it has some handy tips, nutritional advice, and some healthy, easy-to-make vegan recipes. You might also like my weekly podcast where I cook a vegan recipe each week. The recipe instructions can also be downloaded and some have video instructions as well.

Join my 12-week vegan diet plan, it’s ideal for people who are thinking of becoming a vegan, anyone who is new to a vegan diet, plus partners and family of vegans. I will provide you with a 5-day menu plan to start you on your vegan journey. You will also get a personal assessment of your own nutritional requirements, learn how to get enough nutrients, and much more.

If you’re interested in cooking homemade nutritious vegan food, why not join my vegan cooking class. I use fresh seasonal ingredients, and the recipes are easy to follow and cook. Most classes last about 1 hour (depending on the recipe) and cost £15.00 per session

As a ‘yogi’ student and years later, yoga teacher, I have always been interested in the food I ate and the fact that it affected my body in different ways and I adopted a vegetarian diet, later becoming a vegan. From speaking to family, friends, and colleagues, I have found that it is quite difficult to get nutritional advice when you first begin the road to vegetarianism or veganism diet. Many people suffer from a lack of iron in particular when they first commence on a Vegan Diet. If you would like some nutritional advice or support please feel free to contact me at or use the form below

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