nutritional thrapy

In order to bring about effective change that is sustainable, you will need to make achievable changes in your eating habits. I will coach and support you in implementing a new healthy eating plan and lifestyle changes that will support weight loss. Because everybody is unique and has a different lifestyle, your healthy eating plan will be tailor-made for you

There are many reasons people want to lose weight. Some people want to lose weight for confidence or for health reasons. Other people might want to lose weight for a specific event such as a wedding, school reunion, or a holiday.

You may wish to follow a moderate and healthy diet plan to reach your target weight or perhaps you have a special occasion coming up where you want to look and feel great.

Your age, gender, health, and fitness affect the way your body metabolizes the food you consume. In order to succeed in weight loss, it is important that your diet will work for your individual body. In order to maintain your weight loss, it is important to teach your body healthy eating habits that are obtainable.

Your unique diet plan will include:

  • Calculation of current BMI
  • Calculation of Recommended Daily Calorie Allowance
  • Weekly Healthy Plan
  • Weekly Recipes with Calorie & Nutritional Information
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • Weekly Weight Loss Targets
  • Weekly Motivation & Exercise Goals
  • Suggested Lifestyle/Wellbeing Changes
  • Weekly Private Zoom Motivation/Support Call
  • Unlimited email support

How much will my healthy eating plan cost?

There is an initial fee of £70.00 which includes a 30-minute Zoom consultation to discuss your current situation and weight loss goals.

I will then devise a healthy eating plan that is specifically designed for you. There is a monthly charge of £29.99 which covers weekly healthy eating plans, shopping lists, motivational Zoom calls, and motivational and exercise goals. This will be invoiced monthly in advance and may be paid via bank transfer or PayPal.

How do I sign up for my individual healthy eating plan?

To begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle, please fill in the questionnaire below and email it to, the consultation fee can be paid via PayPal below.

 I will then contact you via email to arrange a convenient time for your Zoom consultation where we will go through the completed questionnaire and discuss your reasons for wanting to lose weight and any specific goals that are relevant to you. I will then work out a month’s healthy eating plan designed especially for you. After that, I will invoice you monthly. You may cancel at any time at no additional charge.


Lose weight and save money! Sign up for 3 or 6 months and save 25% on the usual price

3 Months Healthy Eating Plan – £97.49
(usual price £129.98) includes initial consultation
6 Months Healthy Eating Plan – £164.97
(usual price £219.95) includes initial consultation

Healthy Eating Plan